I’m so happy you have arrived. My personal universe is centered around love, creativity and positive vibrations.
I like spending my time making things, especially from scratch. I enjoy painting, sewing, gardening, cooking and traveling.
I am a self taught artist that is not afraid to enjoy life and see the world.
The following pages are filled with some of my favorite things. I hope you find something you like while you are here.
Please enjoy your visit and come back often! I look forward to seeing you.


One day out of the blue, reality turned my world upside down and my life spiraled into a new dimension.  My soul felt as if it had a hole in it. This hole was dark, unfamiliar, and it scared me. ‘The Black Hole of My Soul’ represents this realization. This time was an end as well as insight to a new beginning. 
When life hands us the heavy stuff, we are faced with having to make a choice. Stare it in the face or run the other direction. I prefer to face the truth instead of avoiding and stalling for time. (Time is something we can take for granted.) I found myself on a journey of discovery, a journey, inside of my soul. Caterpillar and Cocoon represents this voyage of inner reflection and self-exploration.
After a several months, I had found the courage and strength to emerge into my Butterfly Spirit. My wings were ready to expand. I felt hope and once again I was grateful. Now I know that I am stronger than I ever realized.



Tree of Inspiration

In 2007, I went on an adventure to Southeast Asia. On a voyage of self discovery, I was searching for a new beginning. While on a boat trip up river from Phenom Penh to Siem Reap, I saw a tree that inspired me and took a picture of it.

This tree represented my past, present and future. It’s root’s, firmly grounded, exposed by the reverse flow of the great Mekong River. This tree seemed so strong, but yet vulnerable. It was so natural and beautiful with branches that reached far beyond what seemed possible.

The memory of the tree and how it made me feel, lingered in my heart and followed me home. I had to paint a tree of my own. It was the only way for me to express the feelings that beautiful tree had left on me. It was fall by the time I had returned to my studio. Then, I painted and painted until my tree appeared. It’s roots, digging deep into the earth and it’s branches stretching out into the sky. For my finishing touch, I added the sequence of the moon phases to show how steady and solid the tree is over time.